Concurrent Credit

Concurrent Credit College Courses

Concurrent credit college courses are college courses taken at a college or university before a student graduates from high school. When a student earns credit in a concurrent credit college course, he or she earns credit on both the high school and college transcript at the same time or concurrently. For students thinking they will attend college, these courses can be very helpful in completing both their high school graduation requirements and in getting an early start on their college coursework, not to mention, there are tremendous financial benefits from the reduction of tuition required to later complete a college degree.

Additionally, in accordance with Arkansas Law, students who complete a 3-hour college course (which typically take one semester), receive 1.0 credit of high school credit (which typically takes one school year). In other words, generally, concurrent credit classes accumulate high school credits at twice the rate of traditional high school classes. For many concurrent credit classes, students receive weighted GPA credit.

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, OHS's concurrent credit partner is North Arkansas College.

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