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Our Mission

The mission of Omaha High School, along with parents and members of the community, is to instill a strong work ethic, sense of purpose, and confident self-reliance in each of our students, empowering them to be successful and productive citizens in a changing and global society.

About OHS

Omaha High School is a small school located in the Ozark Mountains in the City of Omaha, Arkansas. Surrounded by trees and hills and just a few blocks off of Main Street, our school is in the middle of a beautiful setting. Even more important than the beauty of our location and our well-maintained building and grounds are the students and staff that make OHS an excellent place to get a high school education.

The student body enrollment is comprised of students in grades seven through twelve. About members 25 faculty and staff work here to create a learning environment that is innovative, responsive, and very nearly unparalleled.

Like most high schools, students are issued a chrome book and enjoy the benefits the Internet affords their education. However, our innovative educational philosophy is far more impactful on student learning than simply accessible technology. The dedication of our staff to make effective initiatives a reality results in an improved learning experience for our students. We absolutely focus on the important basics that form a solid foundation for an education. An intensive focus on reading comprehension and the skills required for students to read with comprehension are at the core of our instructional program. Until all students read on grade-level, this focus will continue because students must be able to read in order to learn. There is a reading focus in our core English courses and we have designed and conduct a reading intervention program that is far more comprehensive that those typically found in high schools. OHS staff takes great pride in our increasing student achievement in reading.

As required by law, we offer Advanced Placement classes in each of the four core areas of instruction. Many students also take advantage of our partnership with North Arkansas College by taking concurrent credit college courses. Additionally, OHS students earn industry-recognized certifications in several areas at NorthArk Technical Center.

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) structure utilized by our faculty has facilitated the implementation of several curricular and instructional strategies that have raised the quality of instruction and student learning remarkably. Initiatives like the development of a guaranteed, viable curriculum, known as essential standards, the use of common tests to gather data about student learning, providing our students with multiple opportunities for success, a comprehensive social and educational advising program, our commitment to continuous improvement, and more make us sure that our students have a great high school experience and that they are prepared for life after high school.

If you are considering moving to our area or are looking for a school for your child, we hope you will consider OHS. Should you have more questions, email [email protected]